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A short introduction


MPa10 (Empathy) was founded in 2001 and has from the beginning focused on human and humane development. The activities are psychotherapy, coaching, supervision and personal development with individuals and with groups.


The life as an expat can be exciting and mind widening and an invaluable experience for life. Unfortunately, there is a down side, too. Expats around the world experience severe stress, depression, lack of meaning, loss of roots this very moment.


If you are a decision maker, chances are that you will find yourself in a hiatus between a successful and demanding professional life and a personal life that is somewhat lacking. And if you are a co-travelling partner there is a risk you will feel like “trailing along” without your own intrinsic value.


To top it, you are in a foreign context with unwritten rules you were not brought up with.

If you can recognize any of this, you might benefit from working together with me.


With Skype and/or Face Time it is possible to set up appointments that take in consideration each part’s daily rhythm.


Feel free to contact me for further information.