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Bangkok, December 2014



Do you want 2015 to be a year of boosting your

full potential & personal growth?


Are you looking for a great opportunity to take a leap into 2015 with more freedom, higher self-esteem, motivation and energy?


This program is designed primarily for decision makers who experience themselves as being somehow stuck in their personal and professional lives. That said, everyone with a wish to grow personally will be able to profit profoundly from the program.


Most of us get to a point in life where previous goals, objectives and old factors of motivation simply are not enough any longer. We feel stuck in the old “me” which does not work any longer.


The consequences are numerous but most can be labeled as life crises. This drop in life quality can be debilitating, causing low work enthusiasm, low self-esteem, doubt on one’s mission in Life, severe strain on intimate relations and even states of mind that can be compared with depression.


If you are willing to invest the time, money and effort – I will make sure you get full value.


In our meetings we will work to figure out what internal patterns are holding you down and how to ease or totally release their grasp on you. We will explore what potential you have - waiting to be discovered, nurtured and cultivated in active life.


The result - inevitably - will be more freedom to live your life authentically. To make decisions more in congruence with your true “ME”… And perhaps a motivation to work deeper with yourself, should you discover themes that need to be addressed therapeutically.


The way we work will be tailored to fit your needs and wishes, and I can guarantee you, that this program is not traditional business coaching. Traditional coaching you can get everywhere – this works far deeper.




Please register your participation and/or address any questions to e-mail: brian@mpa10.dk or my Danish mobile: +45 31 22 46 94 (also on Viber).


Afterwards, I can facilitate at least 2 individual sessions. Sessions can be booked from December 17th to 19th, and again from December 30th (this date evening sessions only) to January 2nd.


Going onwards, Skype/FaceTime meetings can be booked in order to follow up on and consolidate the work you do at the individual sessions.


Please note that this program is not suited for individuals with personality disorders, mental illnesses (schizophrenia etc.) and/or active substance abuse. If you find yourself in such a group, we will still be able to cooperate towards more balance and whole-ness, just on other terms. Feel free to contact me.




B(Com) with experience from international trade. Since 1994 I have worked professionally with personal development and psychotherapy. I am certified Life Coach, psychotherapist, and group facilitator, all from ID Academy, Denmark.


Over the years I’ve received extensive national and international training in psychotherapy, coaching, mindfulness, meditation, personal development and spiritual guidance, e.g.


  • 3 years Mentor Program with Dr. Richard Moss, USA
  • Radical Aliveness with Dr. Richard Moss, France
  • Several programs at OSHO Meditation Center, Pune, India
  • Meditation training at Vækstcenteret, Denmark
  • Systemic Constellation work with Liv Dhanyo Thommesen, Denmark
  • Workshops in energy work, therapeutic massage and integral psychotherapy in Czech Republic and Hungary


    Since 2002 I have taught psychotherapy and mindfulness at ID Academy, Denmark, where I have also supervised and certified students.


    I have achieved exceeding results as a Psychotherapist, Life Coach and teacher with both individuals and groups.

    For many years I’ve worked in the psychiatric field with managers, employees and citizens, facilitating individual and team growth and stress reduction.


I look very much forward to meet – and support – you!


Love, Brian